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About us

Delica Deluxe is one of the largest producers of Basturma / Pastirma in Europe. We have been active in the production of Basturma / Pastirma for more than 15 years. Our family recipe has been passed down from generation to generation. Our brand 'Delica Deluxe' has been declared one of the best producers in Europe.

In 2017 we opened our Basturma / Pastirma production center in Elst. On an annual basis we produce up to 50,000 kg Basturma / Pastirma for shops and restaurants. We also produce Basturma / Pastirma for outside the Netherlands, where our customers purchase more than 200,000 kg Basturma / Pastirma from us. Think of weddings, catering and birthdays.

Our production is done in the traditional way according to our unique recipe. This method of preparation in which the meat is dried, matured and salted.

100% Halal

All our products are 100% halal. You can find more information about certificates and permits below.

High Quality

We focus very much on making the highest quality product possible.

Fast delivery

Ordered before 15:00, tomorrow at home. Within 24 hours of concern at all locations within the Netherlands and Belgium.


We sell large quantities of craft delicacies, which also means our prices are highly competitive.